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Policy Statements


In the execution of all our projects, JGISL is committed to comply with ISO 9001 standards in ensuring that we meet and even exceed the needs and expectations of client while striving to be the major player in all areas of our business endeavors.

We are committed to assessment of our quality management system to ensure continued improvement to meet the expectations of CLIENT in our project delivery. The quality component as a major factor in successful project delivery involves proper quality planning, record keeping, and quality testing, proper storage of materials etc. For this project we shall develop project specific quality assurance and quality control program by developing quality performance indicators for measuring performance objectively, and develops the continuous quality monitoring system based on those indicators to ensuring that quality improvement can be expected and corporate quality competitiveness can be ensured thereby delivering a project that will meet the expectations of CLIENT and all stakeholders.


JOHMILTEX GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD recognizes that in today’s competitive marketplace, effective quality systems are essential when providing quality cost effective services to our clients. Management is totally committed to providing commercial and industrial general contracting services that comply fully with the specifications and expectations of our valued clients. Therefore, it is the policy of JOHMILTEX GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD to adhere strictly to all relevant quality control standards and to insure that this standard and the requirements of our clients are met on each and every project we execute.Works ongoing on Demolition of Old Abiteye Surge Vessels and Associated Pipings (SIMOPS)



JOHMILTEX GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD as a company that is into Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation of oil and gas facilities such as pipelines and flow lines, RMPs, wellhead jackets, petroleum product marketing and haulage, civil construction works and building/construction materials sales and supply as well as waste management and water treatment to sewage treatment and disposal services as well as general contracting is to render contractual services in a cost effective manner by taking into account concern for Health and safety of its workers, preservation of environment and protection of assets and equipment.

Community Affairs

Community affairs entails, showing regards to the community around the project area in which we carry out our operations.

It is the company's policy that:

  1. Prior to any job execution, communities of such areas would always be consulted.
  2. In the community forum, the benefits of the project will be elucidated and would be in conformity with specification for community developments.
  3. Be sensitive to the needs of host communities
  4. Ensure that all activities found to be unhealthy or with negative environmental impact or potential cause of communal disturbances shall be stopped or suspended until it is safe to continue.
  5. Properly carry out community engagement to meet the local content requirement and community engagement policy of our client.

Safety Policy

The company has a policy to carry out its activities in such a manner that no injury on persons or damage to properties arises during its operations:

  1. In all our operations, JGISL shall continue to reward positive attitude to safety and frown on or dismiss erring workers who show negative attitude to work.
  2. The safety of our staff and third parties shall be taken care of during the execution of our projects.
  3. All staff, and third parties have been empowered to stop all unsafe work whenever conditions are found to be unsafe.
  4. The ecosystem must be protected especially where we work to avoid damage/destruction to our environment.
  5. The importance of zero incident/accident shall still be emphasized through the strict usage of the permit to work system.

Health Policy


  1. Ensure all workers to be employed shall be certified medically fit by a doctor prior to employment.
  2. Provide adequate First Aid Box on site by a qualified First Aider.
  3. Provide adequate quantity of fitted portable water on site.
  4. Provide MEDEVAC facilities (standby-vehicles and
    stretchers) on site in the event of emergency.
  5. Maintain a retainer clinic for all work forces in an hospital close to our operational areas.
  6. Engage in health surveillance of workers in critical activities.
  7. Ensure sanitary and hygienic condition exists at work place.

Environmental Protection Policy

The environmental policy of the company revolves around the achievement of improved living conditions. JOHMILTEX GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD is committed to ensuring clean and healthy environment especially in the course of our work, where environmental sanitation programme is seriously implemented.

  1. Physical factors in the environments that influence health at work such as lighting, ventilation, humidity, and effects of extreme temperature will be altered to suit working conditions.
  2. Efforts will be concentrated towards minimization of dusts, noise, fumes and related wastes during the course of work. It is expected of every employee to possess healthy and environmentally accepted conditions both at work and home.
  3. Waste generated during our operations, shall be segregated and properly disposed to various designated dumpsite or area according to local and international best practices.


Security Policy    

The security of the company ensures that all facilities where employees and third parties work and resides have sound
security plan.

  1. It is our duty to uphold security information dissemination to all our employees both in offices and logistic base stations.
  2. Improve security awareness of her employees and third party associated with our operations.
  3. The company properties and employees will be given maximum security.
  4. Our employees shall be provided with identity cards and workers will be briefed regularly on current security risk.
  5. Employees shall also be alerted on current security risks associated with the job during regular safety meetings.