August 17, 2022, 7:57 am

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Materials Management

Materials management at JOHMILTEX GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED encompasses the entire spectrum from materials design and specification to final issuance/disposition of project materials, equipment and supplies. JOHMILTEX GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED has the capability, reliability and expertise to provide a competent materials management services to clients around the country including procurement, construction and fabrication, inspection, blasting and painting, hydrotest, packaging/crating, shipping and marine services and warehouse management.

Our purchasing team works closely and integrated with project engineers to define long-lead requirements; clients and vendors to ensure specifications, quality requirements and schedule are met while taking safety into cognizance; import and export brokers to expedite delivery; carriers to deliver to the construction site and site warehouse management to secure inventories.

As with all the services of JOHMILTEX GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED, our materials management system is flexible to meet our clients’ needs. JOHMILTEX GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED has the capability to provide any level of service the client demands. Preparation of bills of materials and purchase orders, third party vendor inspection and warehousing management can all be provided individually on an as needed basis or as part of a complete management effort.

JOHMILTEX GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED has an excellent total system integration and tracking on which our clients have come to rely for accurate and complete conformance to project schedules, budget and resources, as part of our project measurement and tracking system, JOHMILTEX GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED maintains three types of reports for every project. These are made up of status reports, summary progress reports and overall performance reports. Status reports provides a detail overview of procurement activity on a line-item basis; summary progress reports measure completion for each work package in the scope of a project and performance reports measures JOHMILTEX GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED performance against the project plan. In this way, we are able to discover areas of necessary improvement, quickly identify trends that vary from our projections and accommodate necessary changes to our processes and work methodology.

This cost effective system enables us to continually ensure our clients of the quality dependability and professionalism that we bring to each service we perform.