August 17, 2022, 6:36 am

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Construction Services/Fabrication

JOHMILTEX GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED has highly qualified, experienced and technically sound personnel that have devoted many years in construction and consultancy services both in the oil and non-oil related companies. They are highly motivated with wide range of modern equipment ready to meet the ever challenging trend in the vast sectors of the oil and gas industry.

JOHMILTEX GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED is dedicated to excellence, using only high quality materials in project execution under strict quality control to ensure highest standard for projects. We practice and implement safety requirements for project execution right from the preliminaries. The company has remarkable records on community relations with the various host communities where we have executed projects and where our offices are located.

JOHMILTEX GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED have a goal which is “full client satisfaction”, which means that we keep our own end of the bargain when it comes to time schedule, quality and competitive pricing.